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Spiritual Testimonials

Please share how the Appointment Has changed your life and relationship with God

"In this day and age, it's hard to find a ministry you can trust to follow. The Appointment was shared with me by a co-worker. I have committed my faithfulness to the Father in our new relationship. It has changed my life for the good."

- A Good Friend

"I received this book from the author personally on the 24th of this month. When I saw it, I thought I would go through it in one night. It's a small and light weight book. But to my surprise when I started reading it, it turned out to be a heavy weight by the contents inside. This book will make you rethink about the quality of your relationship with God. I still haven't finished reading it, but I have started teaching from it. This book is one that I will always use along with the Holy Bible to look into as my personal mirror. All praises to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for inspiring you to write this book. I love that you are doing the will of God. You know when god tells us to do something, we had better do it. If you don't the enemy will try to take you out before you get the chance to do what God has laid on your heart. I know God has something for us all to do, or else we wouldn't be here. This is a great way for us to start. Keep doing the will of the Lord and be blessed." "To God be the Glory!"

- V. Medlock

"I can see the Holy Spirit working in my daugther and son-n-law. in the past I attempted to share God's wonderful truths with the family, now three years later, the Holy Spirit is revealing these truths to my daughter and her family. They no longer will take part in the traditions of man. My 5 year old grandson was asked what he was going to be for halloween, and he responded by saying, 'We don't celebrate Halloween anymore because we're following Jesus!' I've also been able to share the Sabbath rest with my family, and I pray that they receive this truth as well. My son and his girlfriend are also doing the study, so please keep them in prayer. God is Good!"

- Sister Lo

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